Fruta Ice Cream

279 MCDOWELL BLVD. PETALUMA, CA 94954 – – Fru-ta is an all natural artisan ice cream shop.  Meaning our products have no preservatives or additives and have absolutely no artificial flavoring.  Our stores have 36 original flavors of ice cream, yogurts and sorbets from traditional family recipes.  Most flavors we also offer as a fruit or ice cream bar (paleta).  Some of our most popular flavors are pineapple coconut, strawberry, tequila and salted caramel.

All of our products are made daily in our production facility in Petaluma, CA using quality cream and ingredients.  We strive for quality by taking the extra steps to ensure that we are using the highest quality fruits on the market imported from all over the world.  

Our fruit bars and ice cream bars are always fresh!  Our pico de gallo bar is one of our most popular (mango, cucumber, jicama, orange juice, salt and chile powder).

We offer more than ice cream!

With items such as Bionicos, Mangonadas, Fruit Cocktails and Smoothies, Fruta can be your healthier snack as well!  Our most popular item, the Bionico, is chilled cream poured over fresh fruit, topped with granola, coconut, raisins and strawberries – it’s delicious! 

Our fruit drinks, also known as aguas frescas, go great with an ice cream or specialty item.  We offer flavors such as strawberry, pineapple, lime, horchata, oatmeal, guanabana, tamarindo, fruta and alfalfa. Come enjoy a refreshing fruit drink today!

OPEN DAILY 11Am – 9pm